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Department of Materials Engineering

Materials and Surface Engineering is arguably the most important engineering discipline today. Starting from the study of structure, composition and properties of materials it covers the manufacturing and processes details. Surface Engineering has emerged in recent years as the avant-garde of Materials Technology, whereby expensive materials with adequate mechanical, chemical and thermal properties are deposited on he surface of regular substrates in order to achieve what is called as surface engineered materials. These are cost effective, long life and in some cases only options available for a severe and demanding application. Special applications range from aeronautical, chemical and textile industry to space and defense industry

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Dr. Khurram Yaqoob

Department of Materials Engineering although a relatively new department, has emerged as an extremely useful discipline in NUST. Its internationally reputed faculty, state of the art labs and the good infrastructure have increased its repute not only among its students but also among various industrial organisations for which it serves as a valuable consultancy platform. Importance of materials engineering has already well-recognized by all engineering and non-engineering disciplines, as materials are a vital component of almost every field. Development of new alloys, hi-tech polymers, incredible engineering ceramics and ever-increasing variety of composires pave their ways in every branch of technical field. Mission of SCME is to promote awareness about new development of innovative and smart materials, among local industry and help those providing required expertise in the form of competent engineers to formulate new recipes. As a professor of materials Engineering it is my utmost desire to raise the level of competence in the department in order to get rid of dependence on imported technology. My vision is to produce engineers of world class standard who should be able to take challenges of modern age. Whether it is sports or surgical industry, automobile or ship building, glass or foam industry, wire and cable manufacturing, yarn and textile, aerospace industry, flexible bullet-proof jackets and shatter-proof tents, nano-sturcuted photovoltaic thin films and bio-medical materials, corrosion resistance and high temperature applications of materials, all need expertise of a materials engineer. I expect to see my department at the apex of materials engineering in next few years and hope to make it comparable with any other world class institute. I wish all my graduating students to prosper in this field and prove their worth wherever they work. I also assure the industry about the competence of our graduates.

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“To provide students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and hands-on experience through quality education and research-led environment. In addition, the department aims to produce graduates striving to meet the challenges of industry and society”.

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