Welcome to SCME

Welcome to SCME
School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME) commenced its programs in 2006, and is currently offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the twin disciplines of Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering. In line with the futuristic vision of NUST imparting quality education, maiden undergraduate programs in the fields of Chemical and Materials Engineering were launched in the year 2008. Presently, the school has 483 students of which more than 120 are pursuing degrees at the MS and PhD levels.

An important element of the undergraduate program is the industrial design project aimed at strengthening understanding of engineering fundamentals and developing advanced engineering skills. The project also develops new outreach activities to inspire promising scholars to study at the University. At a higher level, these industrial design projects may contribute in making vital equipment inventions.

The School enjoys reciprocal ties with universities in Europe, China and the ASEAN countries, and continues to forge stronger links with the academia and research communities across the world. In this regard, an MoU has been signed with INPT Toulouse, France, a leading university in the field of Simulation and Modeling of Fluid Dynamics. Our Materials Engineering Department is also collaborating in terms of students and teachers’ exchange with Institute of Materials (IMN) Nantes University, France.

Several significant industrial projects are at hand, involving private and strategic partners. This is envisioned to provide a framework for present and future collaboration between academia and the industry and to make an important contribution towards revitalizing the industry’s capability. It is due to this conviction that university-industry linkage is being forged at SCME in line with prevalent higher education policy.

SCME has a strong tradition of holding seminars and talks on contemporary topics of interest; both in the specific fields of study pursued at the School and areas of wider significance. Internationally recognized faculty involved in cutting-edge contemporary research together with well-equipped, state-of-the-art labs and learning resources provides an ideal setting for professional growth. We encourage, support and celebrate exceptional approaches to teaching that excite and inspire engineering students in a supportive and challenging environment.