About Us Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

I am delighted to welcome you to the School of Chemical & Materials Engineering (SCME). SCME strives to become beacon of research and higher education at local and international level. The School is composed of two departments: Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Since its establishment in 2008, this school is dedicated to preparing future engineers and scientists in these two broad areas of Chemical and Materials Engineering. Both undergraduate and post graduate programs are flourishing at this School, where the students learn a broad range of theories and techniques related to advanced processes and materials. The Faculty and Staff at SCME are committed to preparing students in emerging technologies and to become leaders in their respective fields. Our robust curriculum and applied techniques in the labs support our program’s specific learning objectives. Many of our faculty members are conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary research with a track record of winning research grants from National and International funding agencies. I am very excited about the future of SCME and I look forward to bringing this School at a stage where it becomes more visible and plays significant role in fulfilling nation’s expectations.
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Prof. Ir. Dr Amir Azam Khan

PhD (France), PEng (Pak), CEng (UK), FIMMM (UK)

EUR ING (Brussels), Palmes Académiques (France)